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Elevating IT Consultants: Streamlined Accounting Success

Are you an independent IT consultant in search of efficient and prompt accounting services? Our expert accountants are here to assist you in managing your finances transparently, proactively, and professionally.

Elevating IT Consultants:Streamlined Accounting Success

Our advantages as an accounting firm

01. Year-end financial statements completed within 2 months

02. Quarterly accounting updates

03. Tax optimization for independent consultants and their unique needs

04. Corporate and personal taxes (spouse, dependents included)

05. Calculation of equivalence factor for Executive Pension Plan (E-PP)

06. Unlimited question-response with a response time of 24 to 48 hours

A Unique accounting proposition

As an IT consultant, you require flexible accounting services that comprehend your specific financial challenges and needs. Our accounting firm understands your reality and offers swift, tailored solutions.

What sets us apart is our ability to provide accounting services perfectly aligned with your unique situation. With fast execution and constant communication with our clients, you can put the focus on your business without worrying about accounting management.

Our commitment to meticulous accuracy is the cornerstone of our approach. By minimizing errors and ensuring every detail is correctly accounted for, we reduce potential tax risks for our clients.

Furthermore, our proactive approach enables us to go beyond mere financial management. We are continually on the lookout for opportunities to enhance the profitability of our clients. This means that we identify ways to optimize your finances and maximize your profitability, providing strategic advice to guide you toward sustainable financial success.

Are you an IT consultant?

Benefit from fast and reliable accounting services perfectly aligned with your self-employed needs.

Financial management

  • Complete financial statements in 2 months instead of 6
  • Comprehensive financial management
  • Budget planning
  • Business incorporation assistance
  • Debt analysis and management

Accounting and taxation

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Reconciliation of income from various sources
  • Personal and family business tax returns
  • Tax filing and tax declaration
  • Payroll management

Our team of expert accountants is dedicated to providing reliable, prompt and personalized solutions to enhance your financial efficiency and reduce costs.

Our approach as an accounting firm

Our team‘s approach is highly specialized and results-oriented. Our accountants have an in-depth understanding of the specific needs of independent IT consultants, including professional expense management, tax compliance and financial planning.

Our reputation is built on:

  • Speed in handling accounting documents.
  • Unwavering accuracy in numbers.
  • Proactivity in anticipating our clients’ financial needs.

Optimize your time and take control of your tax obligations!

Explore our fast and reliable accounting services.

Our team of expert accountants

The IT360 Accounting team is committed to optimizing your financial health. Each member contributes to our collective success by providing top-notch accounting services, whether in accounting, taxation, financial management or strategic advice tailored to independent IT consultants.

Feedback from Consultants Like You

Marie-Claude TremblayAI Integration Consultant
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I've been an AI integration solutions consultant for many years, and managing my finances was always a headache. I was fortunate to discover IT360 Accounting and their dedicated team. They not only simplified my accounting but also helped me maximize tax deductions and produce financial statements quickly. Thanks to them, I can fully focus on my work without worrying about financial hassles. I highly recommend them to all independent IT consultants.
Nicolas DuboisCybersecurity Consultant
Read More
As a cybersecurity consultant, my time is precious, and tax paperwork is not my strong suit. IT360 Accounting has been a real asset to my business. Their expertise in accounting for IT professionals is invaluable. They are proactive, professional, and always ready to answer my questions, and I had plenty! Thanks to the entire team!
Sarah MartinFreelance Data Analyst
Read More
I've been working as a freelance data analyst for a short while, and I didn't know where to start with accounting. Fortunately, I had heard of an incredibly efficient accounting firm for consultants like me. Their team guided me through every step, from starting my business to managing my taxes. Their expertise in independent IT consultants impressed me and allowed me to optimize my finances and make informed decisions for the future. I'm grateful to have them as a trusted partner.

Frequently asked questions about our accounting and tax services

We can assess your current financial situation and discuss your goals to determine if budget planning services are appropriate.

Absolutely, tax optimization is one of our specialties. We work closely with our clients to minimize their tax burdens while remaining compliant with all applicable laws.

Yes, we can help you develop an overall tax strategy that takes into account both your professional and personal finances, including your spouse and dependents children.

You can easily schedule an appointment by calling us at 1 877 627-4447 or by contacting us through our website. We are flexible and will do our best to find a convenient time for you. All questions will be answered within 24 to 48 hours.

The cost of our services is $4,000, which also includes personal taxes for your spouse and dependents children. We offer competitive and transparent rates, and we will provide you with a personalized quote during our initial consultation if applicable.

Free your mind!

Entrust your accounting to our experienced accountants and enjoy fast and tailored service.

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